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ECU Connector

For the K5 & K7 models (and I suspect also the K6), the ECU connections to the wiring harness are as follows. There are 2 connectors: a large one with 34 pins in 2 rows of 17; and a small one with 18 pins in 2 rows of 9. Total pins = 34 + 18 = 52.

The I.D.s below are what is used in the workshop manual. Where two I.D.s are listed for a pin, the second one is the label found on the ECU circuit board.

Lines in red indicate pins that are not connected to anything in the wiring harness.

Large connector, top row.
pin I.D. Function
1 COS2 switch/trim inj. map
2 COS1 switch/trim inj. map
3 MO- secondary throttle motor
4 MO+ secondary throttle motor
5 STPS, MPS secondary throttle position sensor
6 tech to instrument panel
7 TXD1
8 TPS,VTA throttle position sensor
9 IAP1, PM intake air pressure cyl1
10 ECT,THW coolant temp
11 Vcc +5v
12 HO2S

14 N+ crank pos. sensor
15 AT +12v from ign switch
16 batt +12v from battery (via fuse)
17 +B +12v if sidestand is up and kill switch at 'run'

Large connector, bottom row.
pin I.D. Function
18 COV3
19 COV2
20 COV1
21 OX2
22 TOS,DON tip-over switch
23 GP gear pos sensor
24 RXD1
25 RST

26 IAP2,PM2 intake air pressure cyl2
27 IAT,THA intake air temp
28 FWE
29 E2
31 N- crank pos. sensor
32 SDL (*)
33 VM +12v at fuel pump, injectors
34 E1

Small connector, top row.
pin I.D. Function
35 HO2H
36 LED (*)
37 TACO tacho
38 FP,IREL fuel pump relay
39 SOL22
40 PAIR,SOL2 solenoid PAIR system
41 FI2,#21 injector, cyl2
42 FI1,#11 injector, cyl1
43 IG1 coil, cyl1

Small connector, bottom row.
pin I.D. Function
44 MS mode switch (*)
45 EXS
46 TS dealer mode switch
47 NT neutral
48 CLP,CLT clutch lever switch
49 STA starter motor relay
50 E03 earth
51 E01 earth
52 IG2 coil, cyl2

The following pins connect to two sockets at the tail of the bike for dealer/factory trimming of injection maps:
Socket 1: 1, 2, 18, 19, 20 (COS & COV pins)
Socket 2: 32, 46 (dealer mode switch, & SDL)

Some of the unconnected pins are of no interest ... they are for oxygen sensors / heaters etc for other markets.

(*) Items to note or investigate:

what is pin 32/SDL ?

what is pin 44/MS ? ... I traced where this runs to in the wiring harness - pins 34, 44, 50 and 51 are all connected via Black/White wires to a sealed plug. Upon opening up the plug, I observed that all pins are shorted with a metal shorting plate, which also connects them all to earth. I suspect it may be a mode selection pin?

what is pin 36/LED ? ... for driving an LED to indicate something?

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I'm not that familiar with the SV but doesn't the instrument cluster have an FI LED to indicate faults? That is where I would have suspected the LED to be connected. Or does it read out codes on an LCD screen like the Busa?


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there is an FI LED in the instruments, but I suspect it is controlled via the 'tech' pin of the ECU, the LCD screen also displays codes (when the 'dealer mode' pin is earthed) which are also transmitted on the tech pin I guess. And other things on the instrument cluster (engine temp) too are I'm guessing also derived from the signals on the tech pin.

the LED pin #36 is not connected to anything in the harness (hence the red coding above) ... I'm half-tempted to just connect up an LED on my own bike and see what happens ...



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Bozo,  Have you experimented with those pins 32, 36 & 44?  I'm looking at those COV & COS pins and thinking...  Why is the TEKA the only thing out there that can modify the tuning part of the ECU?  I've read the ECU Hacking thread on SVDownunder and can remember in there somewhere that this connector addresses a separate chip from the controller?  if it's just eeprom we should be able to read some values from it with SPI, I2C etc... 

My 03' has the ECU with single Plug, so pins are in a different spot.  However when comparing the 05' ECU in the manual to 03', the COV/COS pins come to the same plug, with same colour wiring, but I don't know which ones are COV & COS?  Any chance you could tell me the colours of the wires going to the COV / COS pins?




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I suggest you check out this thread



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Maybe obd2 tools are useful,i introduce you website


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Has anyone ever de-potted the K3 model 32920-16G10 ecu (with one large connector) to see if it uses the same processor?

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